Check the Backpacks!

My oldest sons’ favorite part of elementary school is show and tell. He rants and raves about it every time a it’s one of the other kids in the class turn to show off something and always looks forward to the day it’s his turn. As parents we are also extremely busy and one particular week, we weren’t up to speed with what our boy was bringing to school for show and tell until we received a call from the principal!

comical-PBNA little bit of a back story first. I am an avid outdoorsman and appreciate a variety of outdoor activities. I like to go on extended backpacking trips that take me through the mountains. I like to camp under the stars in the middle of nowhere and enjoy the peace and quiet of the great outdoors. To do this I need a variety of tactical gear including tactical flashlights, and knives so that I can be well prepared for my outdoor adventures. Obviously, depending on the adventure, the gear I need changes which is what led me to purchase an extremely gnarly USMC tactical Knife for skinning animals in the field. It’s design is quite aggressive looking too and has a blade which measures of 6 inches long. Definitely something you don’t want to take to show and tell! Back to the phone call from the Principal.

I guess this particular week my wife and I were a bit too busy and missed out assisting our son with selecting an appropriate show and tell item to take to school. My boy has always been fascinated by much of my gear and loves playing with my high lumen powered flashlights. I knew he also always enjoyed my tactical knives but I never let him play with them as he is much too young. However on this occasion, he decided to take it upon himself to take one of my knives to school with him to show off to his friends in class. 

The Principal explained the situation and obviously understood that my boy intended no harm in bringing the knife to school. He did however take the time to explain to me that I should keep these types of things locked up to avoid any injury at my own home. I agreed with the Principal despite my embarrassment and assured him that I would be taking better care of this type of gear in the future. The Principal also commented as to what I would need a knife so big for but clearly he had never hunted Buffalo before!

That night around the Dinner table we took the opportunity to teach the entire family a lesson. Our boy was extremely embarrassed about having to spend the day in the Principals office and admitted that he shouldn’t have taken the knife and that he would ask in the future.  

It was a good lesson for us all.  My kids are often teaching me lessons – like when I got locked out of the house.

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